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Frequently asked questions

Can you provide support services for our Greentree system?

MYOB Greentree is sold and supported solely via a network of authorised resellers. This means you need to contact your reseller for any support assistance relating to a Greentree implementation. If you are not sure who your reseller is (or are having problems with obtaining support) you can contact MYOB directly - see the link on our home page.

How current is the content of the books?

The earliest books were published in 2013 and have been periodically updated since then. Most of the core functionality in each module has not changed significantly since the books were first released and the content is still largely accurate and considered very useful (although some more recent features or product fixes may not be covered). The Greentree Fundamentals and Getting Started books were completely revised and updated in early 2020.

Can I get a preview copy of a book?

Yes! Contact us to request for a free PDF extract from the Accounts Payable book. This will give you a good insight into the style and content provided in the series.

Do I need more than one set of books for my organisation?

This may depend on the size of your organisation. Some customers have opted to purchase a complete set of books for each department (or branch). This provides a handly and easily accessable reference for staff and also assists with training of new team members.

Greentree has on-line help available. Why would I need books as well?

A good question! While the On-line help is a useful tool, it does not include screen shots or generally suggest "best practice" choices or their implications. By their nature, books are also easier to flip between topics, can be bookmarked and you can even add your own notes or comments if required. Our books have also been designed as a training aid, so you can bring up a screen in Greentree and enter data as you are reading about it.