Greentree: Getting Started

A recommended booklet for all users new to Greentree.  


This "absolute beginners" guide has been designed to help new users become familiar with how to login and navigate some of the desktop features of MYOB Greentree.   More experienced users may also discover features and options that will help them use the system more effectively.


This booklet is a handy tool for quickly remembering common tasks such as how to email reports, use the global search feature to quickly locate documents, resize columns - or even what each function key means.


A5 Paperback, 56 pages

Greentree: Getting Started

  • Topics Covered Include:

    • Logging into Greentree
    • Exploring the Main Menu 
    • Using the Global Search feature
    • Using Function Keys
    • Working with Greentree Screens
    • Introducing Sticky Notes, Instant Alerts and Attachments
    • Printing and Emailing Reports
    • Using Favourites and Bookmarks
    • Accessing the On-line Help