Advanced:  Getting Started

This handy guide is recommended for all users beginning their journey with MYOB Advanced Business.


Learning a new product or system can sometimes be a challenging process.  There will be new terminology to learn, perhaps different accounting or business concepts to understand and quite likely, changed work processes to follow (or for you to design).


The intention of this book is to make the process of learning MYOB Advanced Business easier by introducing the main screens and functions in a simple and logical manner.  We also outline some of the key concepts used in MYOB Advanced Business and explain how these may be utilised in a typical business environment. 


Once you feel confident with navigating the screens and menu systems, diving more deeply into the various product modules will have a natural flow.  You will quickly discover most screens follow a similar basic design and layout.


Much of the information contained in this book can probably be found within the on-line help for MYOB Advanced Business.  However, having a physical book you can read (plus refer back to and make notes in) can help with becoming confident with the system more quickly.


The other benefit of this book is we have tried to bring together and explain some of the more complex topics in a way that is more easily relatable to readers in Australia and New Zealand. 


MYOB Advanced Business has an amazing depth of functionality and broad range of modules that will appeal to many organisations.  It is built on the latest “leading edge” technology, which places it amongst the very best in ERP accounting and business systems in the world today.


MYOB Advanced Business also leverages the technology base of Acumatica, a highly successful ERP product that originated in the USA.  MYOB have adapted this product for Australia and New Zealand, catering for areas such as GST reporting and some local terminology.   MYOB’s experience with delivering cloud-based systems and Acumatica’s cloud-centric design and technical excellence provide a compelling ERP solution that will suit many mid-sized organisations in this region.


If you have previously worked with other accounting systems, you will likely find many of the processes used in MYOB Advanced Business somewhat familiar.  However, every product has its own nuances and there will more than likely be differences and new areas to learn. As mentioned, we have included a section that explains some of the concepts and processes used in MYOB Advanced Business.  This may be helpful – particularly if you are moving from another ERP system.


A5 Paperback, 110 pages


Advanced: Getting Started

  • Topics covered include:

    • What is Cloud ERP Software?
    • Introducing the MYOB Advanced Editions
    • Logging In and exploring the desktop
    • Global features, functions and searching
    • Accesing the on-line help system
    • Tenants, companies and branches
    • Understanding document processing and how GST is tracked
    • Understanding audit and security options
    • Additional resources available